Nagano Prefecture-based 株式会社山翠舎 Sansuisha Co., Ltd. has been working to create a sustainable society through the use of quality wooden interior elements and pillars recuperated from the dismantling and relocation of kominka 古民家 traditional Japanese houses and kura storehouses.

Sansuisha has now launched a new distribution and sales service called 松次郎商店 Matsujirō Shōten specializing in kurado 蔵戸 traditional storehouse entrance doors, as well as wooden lattice panels.

Known for their excellent fireproofing, moisture-proofing, and burglar-proofing, these kurado doors were fashioned from huge planks of zelkova wood, which is now rare, and fitted together with kigumi interlocking wooden joints. The high level of skill of the craftsmen who made these doors is also an attractive feature enhancing their value.

Sansuisha carefully dismantles and polishes the kurado obtained in their dismantling and relocation services, removes their metal fittings, repaints, and then reconstructs them. For customers who request it, they also adjust the width and length of the doors to suit their final destinations. Sansuisha now has a collection of over 100 kurado. The company hopes that the value of these doors will be appreciated by modern buyers and that people will continue to take care of them for many years to come.

With this in mind, the company launched Matsujirō Shōten after the name of 山上松治郎 Yamakami Matsujirō, the wood craftsman who founded Yamakami Carpentry Workshop in 1930, the company that would eventually become Sansuisha.

While preserving the techniques and traditions of the past, Matsujirō Shōten's original refurbished doors and panels are made to meet the needs of the times, allowing you to enjoy a new kind of aging. With their unique presence, these doors add a sense of calmness, dignity, and impact to any space, making them the perfect accent for your interior.

To see the impressive collections of kurado doors and lattice panels available, visit their online store. For more information about Sansuisha Corporation, visit their official website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.