As summer comes to an end, and the cooler weather of autumn starts to kick in, the time for appreciating rest and relaxation begins.

One of Tokyo’s most famous sentō bathhouses – Kosugiyu in Koenji – is taking on the challenge to encourage good rest and sleep with their new campaign After that, just sleep.
Being held from the 3rd of September to the 31st of October, the event is inspired by ‘Autumn Sleep Day’ which takes place in Japan on the third day of September to promote awareness of sleep health. A second sleep promotion day; ‘Spring Sleep Day’, is also held on the 18th of March each year. Both of these dates came into being back in 2011 following the launch of Japan’s Sleep Health Promoting Organization.

During the promotion period, Kosugiyu will exhibit a display of posters illustrated by artist Masataku Kamioka that visualise rest and relaxation after onsen bathing. For three days at the beginning of the campaign, the sentō will hold a special bath event ‘Magic Bath to Sleep Well’ where the tubs will be filled with ‘relaxing drink’ inspired waters to encourage healthy sleep.
Additionally, all visitors to the sentō during the days of the ‘Magic Bath to Sleep Well’ event will receive a can of popular relaxation drink CHILL OUT. For those who enjoy the drink, there will be a stamp rally taking place until October 31st, where guests can receive one free can of CHILL OUT for every 6 bottles purchased.

The bath house introduces the event with the following:

Our daily lives are full to the brim with work, study, housework, childcare and a lot of ‘things to do’. This busy-body life has become the norm of the world, and it puts a lot of pressure on us to do things ‘perfectly’. But as humans, we aren’t perfect at everything, and oftentimes these expectations lead us to worry, regret, sadness or depression.

Still, days go on, and the time goes by in the blink of an eye. In such a stressful daily life, the public bath is always there to accept us for who we are.
On the days when we do our best, the days when we don’t do our best, and the days when we simply do what we have to do, we can take a deep bath, a deep breath and relax in the soft breeze of the night.
After that, we simply go to sleep, and reset.

To cast a magic spell that will help you relax your shoulders a little and welcome tomorrow, all you have to do is sleep.

Founded back in 1933, Kosugiyu is a popular sentō bath house located in Tokyo’s Koenji district where various cultures centered on music, fashion and modern subculture coexist alongside historical showa era architecture and customs. At the venue, bathers can take a break from Tokyo’s busy concrete jungle and relax in unique milk baths, themed daily/weekly baths, and alternating hot and cold baths.

Apart from being closed on Thursdays, the bath house operates from 3:30pm to 1:45am on weekdays and from 8:00am to 1:45am on weekends.
The price of entry is 480 yen for adults (junior high and above), 180 yen for children (elementary school and below) and 80 yen for infants.

Kosugiyu’s special campaign After that, just sleep is running until the 31st of October. The event’s ‘Magic Bath to Sleep Well’ will see the bath tubs filled with Hot Lemon Ginger, Hot Honey and Milk and CHILL OUT water.

Koenji Kosugiyu After that, just sleep

Event period: 1 September – 31 October 2021
Magic Bath to Sleep Well: 3rd, 4th and 5th September
Location: Kosugiyu, Koenjikita, Suginami City, Tokyo, 166-0002

By - Connie Sceaphierde.