Though arguably not as pet-friendly as a pet-loving country should be, Japan craves cuteness, so it comes as no real surprise to see miniature versions of our four legged friends becoming more and more popular.
Whilst dogs and cats are the go-to standard for the majority of pet owners, over the last few years there has been an increase in more unusual critters filling homes in Japan. One such creature is the micro-pig, which quickly gained a following back in 2019 with the introduction of Mipig Cafe in Meguro and Harajuku.

For those living in cramped apartments in central Tokyo with strict no-pet policies, Mipig Cafe provides a little escape from the big bustling city to piggy heaven. But for those who have a little extra time on their hands to take a small trip out of the city, Pignic Farm & Café in Tokyo’s Akiruno offers visitors the chance to experience micro pigs in a stress-free environment, with both indoor and outdoor areas where the pigs can roam freely.

Just like Mipig Cafe, Pignic Farm & Café not only offers ‘pet and play’ experiences, but also aims to “graduate” all of their resident pigs to loving homes. This mission is actually the main drive behind both companies, as they strive to create a foothold for pigs in Japan’s pet community.
Of course, just like any other pet, owning a pig is all fine and dandy until we’re called away for a business trip or sightseeing and discover finding a place to put up our four-legged friends for the night is one of life’s biggest struggles. And with pigs still being a rather unique choice in pets, finding a pet hotel with the pig-care knowledge can really narrow down the options. That’s why Pignic Farm & Café is opening up a pet hotel exclusively for micro pigs.

Recognising the need for a friendly place where owners can feel confident to leave their loved ones whilst they're away, Pignic Farm & Café, with their expertise in handling and qualified care has decided to open a pet hotel made entirely with micro pigs in mind.

Being a highly intelligent socialised animal, micro pigs can become lonely when not given attention and love. An emotional animal, some pigs may even stop eating when separated from family and put into an unknown environment. Because of this, the hotel will put forward members of staff who understand the individuality of each animal when they come to stay.
For pigs who came from Pignic Farm & Café originally, they will be paired up with staff they recognise, and for pigs who originated from a different breeder, owners can feel ensured that they will be well cared for by staff with specialized knowledge, as well as access to a veterinarian who has a wealth of experience in examining micro pigs should something go wrong.

Great care has been put into realising the comfort of Pignic Farm & Café’s pig hotel guests, with bedding, bath towels, toilets, water and food always available. The pen is safely enclosed with a solid fence to prevent escape and any unwanted visitors, and the inside pen is fully air-conditioned, meaning the temperature can be kept at a comfortable level throughout the stay.

Since Pignic Farm & Café is a large site, pig guests will not be limited to their pen during their stay, and will be allowed to roam an open space both inside and out. For hygiene reasons hotel-staying pigs will not be able to socialise with resident pigs, however they will be given attention by staff, and the ample space provided for exercise can help refresh and reduce stress. Owners will be provided with daily updates and photo reports whilst away from their four-legged family members.

Pignic Farm & Café Accommodation Prices (2 days, 1 night)

Micro pig originally from Pignic – 5500 yen
Micro pig originally from other breeder – 6600 yen
*prices will increase by 20% during busy seasons (summer vacation and spring vacation) as well as during year-end, New Year, Obon and Golden Week holidays.

For owners who can’t deliver their pigs to the hotel themselves, Pignic Farm & Café can transfer pigs to venue for an additional fee:
Pigs transferred from Tokyo (excluding remote islands) – 7,000 yen one way
Saitama Prefecture and Kanagawa Prefecture – 8,000 yen one way

In addition to a basic stay and possible transportation to the hotel, owners can opt their pigs into any extra treatment from the following; shampoo, nail clipping, tusk trimming and ear cleaning. Each optional extra costs 1800 yen, or the whole ‘spa day package’ can be purchased for 5400 yen.

*Though the hotel is aimed at micro pigs weighing less than 20kg, the hotel is willing to negotiate the stay of larger guests.
All pigs staying at the hotel must be vaccinated against swine flu and swine fever, and the hotel may refuse guests due to fleas, ticks, illness, injury or violence.
In the unlikely event that a health problem was to occur after check-in, the owner will be informed and the pig will be treated with the in-house veterinarian. The owner will be responsible for the costs of any medical expenses or labor costs for transportation if this was to occur.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.