The agency for popular Japanese singer, musician, and actor Gackt announced on Wednesday that he would immediately be suspending all activities and going on an indefinite hiatus due to a neurological disorder that has resulted in dysphonia, a loss of voice.

According to his agency, Gackt complained of poor health upon returning to Japan on August 6th (Gackt's primary residence is in Malaysia), and at one point his condition was considered life threatening. His condition has stabilized, but was medically evaluated as being unable to continue work. Gackt hopes to return to his career as soon as possible, but will suspend all activities (including the filming of his upcoming movie Tonde Saitama II), and seek further consultation and treatment overseas.

A statement released by his agency today explains:

"After returning to Japan on August 6th, we received a message from GACKT that he was not feeling well, and his condition suddenly changed after a while. He has been suffering from a neurological disorder since he was a child. At one point, he was in life-threatening condition.

His condition continued to deteriorate for several weeks. His condition is now stable, although he has lost about 10kg of weight.

However, he has developed a severe vocal disorder and the doctor has judged that it is impossible for him to continue vocal performances at this stage...He will return to his home overseas where his doctor is, and after a thorough examination of his chronic illness and vocal disorder, plans to concentrate on treatment in order to resume activities."

Gackt held a performance in Japan in July, but had stopped his live streaming channel from August 14th due to his health condition.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.