This year’s harvest moon will be held on the 21st of September. It’s the time of year when the full moon is at its largest, looking particularly beautiful as it shines during the darkening nights of autumn.
It is this beauty that inspires Japan’s ‘Tsukimi Festival’, where people gather to admire the moon. This festival has ties all the way back to the Heian era, and it’s traditions include displaying Japanese pampas grass, eating rice dumplings known as ‘Tsukimi Dango’, and reciting waka poetry under the light of the moon.

In Japan, there is a legend that the dark outlines on the face of the moon depict a rabbit pounding the ingredients of rice cakes. This legend has become heavily associated with the Tsukimi Festival, as the clear views of the full moon make it easier to see the outlines that the tale refers to.

These traditional Japanese wagashi sweets from Minamoto Kitchoan are inspired by the legend of the ‘Moon Rabbit’, and are the perfect snack to accompany the Tsukimi Festival with.

Rabbit Wagashi

A baked rabbit-shaped bun filled with lightly sweetened white bean paste and yuzu citrus.

5 pieces – 756 yen
10 pieces – 1,296 yen

*All prices include tax

Shugetsuya Yokan

A creative seasonal yokan depicting the Japanese autumn legend. Made with red bean paste, agar and sugar.

1 piece – 972 yen

*Price includes tax

By - Connie Sceaphierde.