Domino’s Japan’s cavalier attitude towards mixing various cuisines in their pizza creations has caught attention recently. They were jokingly accused of insulting both England and Italy with their fish and chips pizza, but a look at their back catalogue will show that these fun experiments are an average offering from these pizza mavericks.

A menu item which just appeared this month combines two of their Japanese-inspired dishes, the 'Pizza Rice Bowl' and the 'Quattro Nippon' pizza. 'Pizza Rice Bowls' made Domino's pizza into the perfect option for those who love both pizza toppings and rice-based dishes. The base consists of butter rice to complement the pizza taste perfectly.

Two of the topping combinations that can be found on the Quattro Nippon pizza can now be tried out on a Pizza Rice Bowl, creating a delectable mix of rice and Japanese-inspired pizza toppings.

The mentai mayo mochi has mozzarella cheese, mochi, corn, arabiki sausage, asparagus, Korean seaweed, and mentai mayo (1199 yen delivery, 899 collection).

The other topping on offer is a more classic option, a 3 cheese pizza but with cheese that has been sourced from Hokkaido, an area of Japan famous for dairy products. There’s mozzarella, Hokkaido cheddar, Hokkaido gouda, Hokkaido Camembert, asparagus, and white sauce (1299 yen delivery, 999 yen collection).

These innovative menu items went on sale this month and can be ordered from branches of Domino's Pizza in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.