Twitter user Naco’s @naco_1217 account details her daily life as a Japanese mother of her now 1 year and 8 months old son.

She says even since her son turned one-year-old, he often cries through the night and is constantly grumbling.

Although her son may still very much be a toddler, a recent post shows he has other tendencies that more closely resemble old Japanese men.

According to his mother, when they go for a walk he always turns into an old Japanese man.

What exactly does she mean? Here’s a compilation photo of their walks together.

"My son turns into an old Japanese man when we go for walks"

Reproduced with permission from (@naco_1217)

Her son always walks with his hands clasped behind his back. He looks just like a grandpa taking a walk in the park.

Many users responded to the photo.

  • My son also looks about 50 years old when we go for walks.
  • He’ll be a big shot in the future.
  • School principal style

The photo was liked more than 194K times since it was posted.

It seems that many got a kick out of the cute, little grandpa boy.

By - Mujo.