Tsukimi, which means ‘moon viewing’ is a mid-autumn tradition in Japan and 2021’s full moon night for viewing is 21st September. To help celebrate this custom, all kinds of moon-inspired treats are hitting the shelves, including various seasonal ingredients and motifs.

Many Tsukimi eats are rabbit themed, because of the legend that states a rabbit lives on the moon, and pounds mochi with a mortar and pestle.

A particularly cute and sweet reimagining of this myth comes courtesy of Ikumi Mama, a Japanese doughnut shop.

These adorable rabbit doughnuts they’ve created for the autumn season are the perfect treat to enjoy while gazing at a beautiful moon. There’s a white version and pink version, and both are holding a bowl of mochi they prepared for the festival.

Tsukimi dango are a traditional food eaten for the celebration because of their likeness to the moon, and as a tribute to this custom, Ikumi Mama have created some round coconut doughnuts in yellow or white.

All of these treats can be ordered as a Tsukimi Set for 2590 yen which includes four rabbits and six dango doughnuts. They can be ordered via Ikumi Mama’s online shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.