Although the name might sound like a startup launched by country singer Jason Aldean, Hick Town Craftsman Club (HCC) is a brand operated by Shimada Co., Ltd., a Japanese OEM supplier of hats and other goods.

A sustainable brand upcycling unwanted clothes, accessories, shopping bags, etc. into one-of-a-kind hats, HCC is now turning its attention to corporations through a new plan. Companies can work towards SDGs and contribute to society by upcycling materials they no longer need. Disposing of leftover sales promotion and other materials is typically costly and environmentally burdensome. With this plan, however, companies can now reduce their environmental impact and contribute to SDG Goal 12, "Sustainable Consumption and Production."

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Shimada Co., Ltd. will take in surplus sales promotion materials as well as leftover fabric generated in their production process. Moreover, seasonal packaging and paper bags which are usually discarded when the season ends can also be upcycled. HCC will upcycle them into limited-edition hats which companies can then sell. If they donate a part of the proceeds, they can also continue the cycle of social contribution.

Corporations interested in participating can learn more details here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.