You don't need to be a feline expert to know that many cats don't like to alter their schedule or upset their routine for anything other than snacks.

Japanese cat owner and Twitter user Daiki Okumura (@okumura_daiki) found out one of the rare exceptions when he witnessed his cat, Coco, shoot a frozen look of disbelief when she saw a certain Japanese rock band performing on television for the first time. The straight-out-of-a-cartoon expression has definitely charmed Twitter with its hilarious loop:

While it would be funny to believe that Coco is simply in awe of the musical performance, Okumura's caption "The reaction of a cat that saw Man with a Mission for the first time", which explains quite a lot!

Coco is likely reacting to the appearance of popular Japanese rock band Man with a Mission, who are known for wearing differently designed but very realistic wolf masks during all their performances (in character, the reasoning for this is that the band's mad scientist doctor, Jimi Hendrix created the band as the "Ultimate Life Form" and froze them in Antarctica).

As you can see in the performance below, it's no wonder Coco froze in the middle of her face-washing routine when confronted by five very loud wolfmen!

Of course, Coco's moment of shock has become prime meme material:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.