The Japanese mid-autumn festival Tsukimi is coming up very soon. The name is a reference to the custom of holding moon gazing parties to celebrate, and the full moon will be appearing on 21st September this year.

One way to celebrate is to eat some of the many snacks being released at this time of the year that reference the moon, usually with some sort of white and round ingredient. Many famous fast food chains in Japan have their own take on the Tsukimi burger, in which an egg has the role of the moon-resembling food. If you prefer chicken burgers to hamburgers, you may be drawn to KFC’s offerings this year.

Their Tsukimi lineup is a double headliner. The first option is the ‘Torori Tsukimi Chicken Fillet Burger’ (460 yen). It includes a Kentucky fried chicken fillet (with the expected blend of eleven herbs and spices), lettuce, mayonnaise and fried egg-style omelette.

Or for an even more Japanese twist, the ‘Torori Tsukimi Japanese Chicken Katsu Sandwich’ (460 yen) has soy sauce teriyaki flavouring in the chicken katsu patty, plus mayonnaise, shredded cabbage and the obligatory egg topping.

These limited time only menu items will only be around for Tsukimi season in branches of KFC all over Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.