Recently, Starbucks Japan announced that they would be selling the Pumpkin Spice Latte in Japan for the first time in fifteen years, to the delight of fall beverage lovers across the country. But it seems that the autumn fun doesn’t stop there for the ubiquitous coffee chain.

They will also be releasing a Frappuccino later this month with a classic fall flavour to celebrate the season.

This year’s fall Frappuccino is a ‘Roasted Sweet Potato Frappuccino’. The type of sweet potato used is satsumaimo, which is considered a representative flavour of autumn in Japan. The potato has been cut and blended into the beverage to preserve the roasted taste and texture for the drinker to enjoy.

Source: Starbucks Japan

Golden sweet potato syrup has been marbled all over the drink to add extra sweetness, and the whipped cream peak is sprinkled with satsumaimo ‘flakes’, created with baked sweet potato skin.

It costs 638 yen for take out, and the eat in price is 650 yen.

This autumnal offering will be appearing on the menu of Starbucks branches all over Japan from 22nd September, but it will be bumped off the menu on 19th October (presumably to be replaced by a Halloween beverage!).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.