Two heartwarming photos Pyonta Froski (@pyonta_F ) posted on Twitter have been warming hearts of animal lovers in Japan and abroad.

In September 2011, as a little boy Pyonta found a stray kitten on the road in the rain.

He decided to take in the kitten. The cat was adopted by the little boy’s family, and raised with tons of love and care.

10 years have passed since the day they met, and Pyonta decided to share before and after photos of him and the kitten to commemorate their meeting to the day...

Source: @pyonta_F

Source: @pyonta_F

On the anniversary of their meeting, the “boy” posted two comparative photos of himself and the cat ten years apart.

The “boy” has grown into a man, and the little kitten is now a mature cat with a gorgeous long coat.

The photo received 470,000 likes, and many comments to praise the growth of the two: “It made me tear up a little”, “Happy 10th anniversary!” “Such a lucky cat to be found by a kind-hearted boy!”

From the current, 2021 photo of the two, you can tell all the warmth and good memories that were spent in their ten wonderful years of relationship.

We wish them all the more good days, filled with love, are ahead of them!

By - Mugi.