The long-tailed tit (Shima enaga in Japanese) tends to blend in a lot with the snow covered branches found on trees on Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido, but its adorable appearance makes it stand out easily as it's often described as "the cutest bird in Japan." It's quite the reputation to live up to, often drawing comparisons to Pokémon and Sanrio mascot characters, but just one look at them can be pretty convincing!

The adorable birds have quite a fanbase, and luckily for them there's a Twitter account dedicated to sharing all things long-tailed tit on a regular basis, @daily_simaenaga.

Recently, @daily_simaenaga has created a popular series of recreating the long-tailed tit from Japanese foods such as rice balls and mochi to great success, but one of their most recent hits has been turning riceballs into long-tailed tit versions of yankii, rebellious delinquent youths often seen in Japanese school anime and dramas.

As you can see, @daily_simaenaga is able to quite cleverly recreate yankii hairstyles such as pompadours and perms by using fish, and their standout jackets with wrappings of nori seaweed.

@daily_simaenaga may have outdone themselves this time, however, with their adorable and delicious looking yankii long-tailed tit sushi! By using sushi toppings, each set of fishy hair looks more slicked back, and the octopus in particular captures the curls perfectly.

@daily_simaenaga even uses nori seaweed to illustrate a "bursting vein" of anger often seen in manga.

For even more awesome long-tailed tit creations (with a delinquent series that looks to continue, be sure to follow @daily_simaenaga on Twitter.

By - Big Neko.