Japan’s Ogasawara Marine Center (@mt_seaturtle) has shared a video of a tiny, palm-sized baby sea turtle on Twitter and people can’t get enough of it and its apparent bashfulness!

Check out the reaction of the tiny sea turtle when the staff puts a camera on him as it’s held between their fingertips…!

The baby sea turtle flips his front fins in front of the belly as if he is trying to hide it!

The surprising and adorable video was praised by quite a number of people who had their hearts stolen by this cute little creature.

It looks like many of them enjoyed the appearance of this cute turtle!

“Oh my… what is this! I can’t help but keep it on repeat.”

“Those fins make him look like he’s being shy. It makes me want to have a cute sea turtle as a pet!”

“Even for sea turtles, the belly is a vulnerable spot and it doesn’t want to show it.”

We are used to seeing sea turtles moving slowly. A unique scene of a baby turtle was definitely a pleasant surprise to many people!

By - Mugi.