On Tuesday, September 21st, Japanese candy maker Morinaga Seika Co., Ltd. will launch a record-quashing quinquagintuple-sized version of its popular Koeda Milk 小枝ミルク chocolate stick-shaped snack to celebrate the long-lived brand's 50th anniversary.

Not only does this chocolaty behemoth offer the unique taste of Koeda in a size 50 times larger than any other Koeda in the history of the brand, but it's also an environmentally friendly product that uses recyclable paper materials for its packaging as well as its inner tray.

In addition, from September 21st, Morinaga Seika will launch a special website focused on sustainable lifestyles for the "Koeda's Let's (go) Sustainable! Present Campaign." Customers who purchase Koeda products will be entered into a drawing to win original goods and Amazon gift certificates.

The 50th-anniversary Koeda will cost 540 JPY (tax included) and will be available at shops and retailers nationwide where candy is sold, while supplies last.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.