Having young kids sometimes means putting up unexpected behavior and antics.

Some of them make you simply chuckle, and other times they can be so bad it makes you collapse on your knees.

Japanese Twitter user and father Okada (@Biskey_18) recently purchased 2kg of protein. Sadly, all of that went into waste before he had the chance to use it to make any gains, as evidenced by some photos he recently shared that has Japanese Twitter extending sympathies and some guilty laughter.

Here’s what happened to Okada’s poor protein powder...

Source: @Biskey_18

It seems like a pretty unimaginable accident, but apparently his young daughter thought it was meant to be played with like sand.

2kg of protein powder spread throughout the entire house, turning each room into a playground. Cleaning this must have been awful!

His daughter, of course, did not mean any harm. Understandably, she was simply curious to play with the protein powder, which resembled sand she typically plays with on the playground


There were many comments to sympathize with Okada’s loss, as well as praise the child’s imagination.

”Well, it’s water-soluble and harmless sand! What a wonderful idea, though!

”It was at least not on tatami or carpet floor… it could have been so much worse!

If “protein powder” was not written on this, I’d have thought it was playground-sand, too! It definitely looks like real sand! Good work on the cleaning, too!

“Had it been capsule supplements, it would have been dangerous for my daughter, too. I had to make a major change to the storing location”, Okada also said.

For the safety of the daughter, and to avoid the same tragedy, storage spaces need to be carefully selected!

By - Mugi.