Twitter user (@meltube_cat) dedicates her various social media accounts to the daily life in Japan with her rambunctious cat Mel and a little white kitten she took in when it was only two weeks old.

Mel is Superman!

A Little White Angel

Just like human babies, sometimes kittens have trouble getting to sleep. Perhaps this is something that comes with age, as you know how much cats usually sleep.

One day our little white kitten’s owner couldn’t get her to sleep well, so she wrapped her up in a blanket. Let’s see how that worked out…

Reproduced with permission from めるちょ (@meltube_cat)

Reproduced with permission from めるちょ (@meltube_cat)

"I wrapped up a rambunctious baby who wouldn’t sleep. I wrapped her in a blanket and she instantly fell asleep, which is just too precious." — めるちょ🐈 (@meltube_cat) September 8, 2021

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  • Kittens are so precious.
  • She’s just too cute! I want to protect her.

Mel Nyan Tube

The Twitter user also has a YouTube channel featuring her adorable cats.

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