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How Shiba inu express love for their owners

The bond between pets and their owners is one that cannot be broken. It’s natural to love your pet like your other family members.

Pets too, understand their owners’ love and reciprocate it.

Ms. Kitada posts about her daily life as a Shiba Inu owner on her Twitter account (@inu_10kg).

Here’s an image of her Shiba Inu greeting his owner, "Good morning!"

One day Ms. Kitada says there was an incident that made herowner realize how strong their bond really is.

A Shiba Inu realizes that its owner is not there

Ms. Kitada’s family lives on a large plot of land surrounded by nature in Wakayama. On their property is a large field encompassed by a fence to keep out wild boars.

One day while visiting this field, the she left her mother and dog to pick up some belongings.

When the Shiba Inu noticed that his owner was nowhere to be seen, it started searching all around.

The owner’s mother assured the dog that she would soon return, but the pup, upon discovering her whereabouts, reacted as one who is finally to be reunited with a loved one after a long time apart.

"I found you! Don’t worry, I’m coming!"

Check out the images below of the Shiba Inu running up the hill towards Ms. Kitada.

Reproduced with permission from user name (@inu_10kg)

Reproduced with permission from user name (@inu_10kg)

Reproduced with permission from user name (@inu_10kg)

Reproduced with permission from user name (@inu_10kg)

Ms. Kitada says her Shiba Inu usually follows her mother around the house or comes to find her when she’s taking a nap.

On the other hand, there are times when her dog prefers to be alone, so she was surprised by the dog’s behavior when she was briefly separated.

When the dog arrived, he sat there catching his breath at Ms. Kitada’s feet. So she told him, "Thanks for coming to pick me up," caressing his cheeks and petting him.

Many Twitter users say they were moved to tears by the sight of the dog’s strong love for his owner.

The fact that the Shiba Inu went so far as to follow his owner is certainly evidence of their strong bond.

Although animals can’t speak like us, they still convey their feelings with their facial expressions, body language, and actions.

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By - Mujo.