If you’ve ever found yourself wandering the streets of Tokyo with a rumbling tum, the chances are that you’ve satisfied that little grumble with a helping of the king of convenience store chicken – FamilyMart’s ‘Famichiki’.
That deep fried crispy goodness tucked away inside the sealed paper bag has been a tastebud favourite amongst Japanese Konbini gastronomers for 15 years, and now it’s found itself as the honourable inspiration behind one of the store’s 40th anniversary celebration products.

Reaching a milestone of 40 years of business September of this year, it is no big surprise that Japanese convenience store franchise FamilyMart is going out of their way to celebrate. The brand has unleashed their very own campaign ‘40 Good Things’, which focuses on improving and adding to their store line up by incorporating five key phrases; ‘More Delicious’, ‘More Affordable’, ‘More Satisfying’, ‘More Environmentally Friendly’ and ‘More Hardworking’.

As part of that lineup, FamilyMart has teamed up with popular potato chips brand Calbee and created the ultimate collaboration mash-up with the ‘Calbee Thick Sliced ​​Potato Chips Famichiki Flavor’.

Over the years Calbee has worked on a number of limited edition FamilyMart goods, and this special collaboration is no different.
In commemoration of the store’s 40th anniversary, the two brands have taken FamilyMart’s signature bestseller ‘Famichiki’ and reproduced it as potato chips.

The chips are thick cut, which in addition to their satisfying crunch, are perfect for faithfully reproducing the juicy thickness of Famichiki.
On top of that, multiple spices and chicken seasoning blended together make every bite just as moreish as the real deal. In fact, these chips are rumoured to taste so much like Famichiki, it wouldn’t be all too surprising if the shelves get raided within only hours of their launch.

Of course, no reproduction of Famichiki would be quite the same without a nod to the finger food’s signature packaging, and so these Famichiki Calbee Potato Chips come in a package featuring the graphic design of Famichiki’s paper bag.
Much like Calbee’s Poterich, this packaging is designed to be a free-standing bag that allows any foodie to munch and graze on snacks with one hand, whilst continuing to tap away on their phone with the other.

The collaborative chips are available for a limited time only, and knowing how popular Famichiki can be, it might be ideal to pop across to your local FamilyMart sooner rather than later if you want to test out these snacks for yourself.

Calbee Thick Sliced ​​Potato Chips Famichiki Flavor (厚切りポテトチップス ファミチキ味)

Price: 159 yen (tax included)
Contents: 70 grams
Available from: 21 September 2021, FamilyMart stores Nationwide.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.