Much to the delight of burger (and rice) fans, last year McDonald's Japan released their first ever Gohan Burgers (Rice Burgers), that replaced traditional buns on a number of their burgers with 100% domestic rice thickly packed and cooked to a crispy finish but overall fluffy texture in savory soy sauce. Initially a limited trio, the rice burgers proved so popular McDonald's expanded the lineup to include fan favorites Chicken Tatsuta and the classic Double Cheeseburger.

Now for a limited time, McDonald's will be bringing releasing two new rice burgers, the Gohan Chicken (with garlic and black pepper) Burger and the Gohan Shrimp (with delicious spicy sauce) Burger, along with the return of the popular Gohan Teriyaki Burger.

Once again, the series is promoted with the phrase "gohan, dekita yo!", which is used to say "dinner is served!", but literally translates to "the rice is ready". The burgers will be part of McDonald's Yoru Mac (Night Mac) menu (available after 5:00pm, which allows customers to double the patty amount on other burgers). Here's a rundown of each rice burger, which uses carefully selected ingredients to match the savory rice.

Gohan Shrimp (with delicious spicy sauce)


This is the first Gohan Burger to use shrimp, and was made in response to popular demand from customers on Twitter. The Gohan Shrimp uses an extra juicy and plump shrimp cutlet and spicy red pepper and garlic sauce. It's available for 440 yen à la carte and 740 yen in a set.

Gohan Chicken (with garlic and black pepper)

The Gohan Chicken contains a crispy chicken patty slathered with garlic black pepper sauce that packs a strong flavorful punch. It's available for 410 yen à la carte and 710 yen in a set.

Gohan Teriyaki

The returning Gohan Teriyaki uses a tasty pork patty tossed in a sweet and spicy ginger-flavored teriyaki sauce that's featured in McDonald's standard popular Teriyaki McBurger, and is said to be an even better pair with the rice buns. It's available for 390 yen à la carte and 690 yen in a set.

All three Gohan Burgers will be available starting September 29th (with the Gohan Chicken and Shrimp being available until mid-November and the Gohan Teriyaki until the end of October) exclusive as part of the nighttime Yoru Mac Menu in at McDonald's Japan.

By - Big Neko.