Even in Japan, which is known to be a relatively safe country, if a policeman suddenly calls out to you, most residents would feel a bit nervous and apprehensive. "Wait, did I do something?" Some people may even begin to panic, even if they haven't done anything wrong.

On September 20, 2021, Twitter user kaorububu (@kaorububu501) posted about an episode they experienced a year ago.

The content of the Tweet and the photos made many people smile.

The heartwarming reason the police showed up

One day, a police car stopped when it saw kaorububu's car.

This would make most drivers cringe. However, the policeman who came out of the police car said something unexpected.

"That's a very cute car! Can I take a picture of it so I can show it to my family?"

Images reproduced with permission from kaorububu (@kaorububu501)

The policeman didn't stop by to reprimand the driver for bad behavior. He was just fascinated by the cute car!

And can you blame him? This car is a one-seater specially finished by kaorububu using the BUBU 501 microcar sold by Mitsuoka Motor Co. from 1982 and based on a 50 cc Honda motorcycle engine. The car was sold in the USA as the Zoe Zipper, from the now-defunct Zoe Motors.

Kaorububu added attractive retro visuals, with the motif of an old color TV from the National brand, which was operated by Panasonic Corporation until 2008. (Incidentally, the National brand was never used in the US, since it was already in use by National Electronics).

It seems that the policemen just couldn't help themselves. It's not hard to understand why many people would consider this car very cute and nostalgic.

Many people commented on the heartwarming episode, saying, "What a kind world...!" or "Both the policeman and the car are cute!"

If anything, it just goes to show how peaceful things are in Japan if police officers have time for this kind of interaction.

If you'd like to see more cute microcars, follow kaorububu on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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