While many might consider the idea of a convenience store meal to be largely junk food, 7-Eleven Japan has been known to impress and surprise quite a few with the quality of its food offerings, including a wide variety of tasty sandwiches.

You can now add Butter Chicken Curry to 7-Eleven's surprisingly good menu, as their store brand curry and mini naan bread is turning heads and getting some rave reviews on Japanese social media.

Wanting to give the popular curry a proper taste test, we picked up the goods from 7-Eleven. The Butter Chicken curry are mini naan are sold separately in individual packs.

While 7-Eleven sells packs of curry that are meant to be boiled in water, their Butter Chicken Curry is available in microwave-friendly bags that's ready in mere minutes.

The mini naan comes with two small servings of particularly fluffy, or "mochi mochi", naan bread. We opted to heat them up in a toaster oven and were happy to see the naan rise and puff up. While Indian curry fans are used to the large servings of naan at restaurant, the two miniature slices were the perfect size for a lunchtime curry.

Digging in, we were surprised by the rich flavor and complex spice profile the curry had, as well as the nice crispy texture the large chunks of chicken in it had. The naan also had a crispy but pleasantly chewy texture. Together, the meal made for a great affordable (together the total price just under 500 yen) Indian curry experience that can be whipped up in a matter of minutes.

Next time you're perusing food options at 7-Eleven, maybe pass up the bento section and pick up this convenient and delicious set meal!

By - Big Neko.