The Akita is one of the most beloved breeds of dogs in Japan. Aside from being one of six breeds registered in the official Association for the Preservation of the Japanese Dog, the Akita’s popularity has persevered throughout the years, thanks in part to continued pop-culture depictions of its most famous representative, Hachikō.

As another example of the breed’s enduring popularity, the Japanese miscellaneous goods brand, YOU + MORE!, has come up with two items based on realistic images of adorable Akita puppies.

The first is an Akita plush toy, priced at 6,050 yen. It measures 45 centimeters in length, and is complete with a cute smiling face and lifelike fur. The second is a pouch that depicts standing Akitas in three fur colors. One pouch is priced at 2,530 yen and measures 18 to 19 centimeters tall. Both items in the lineup were made in collaboration with Japan’s Akita Dog Preservation Society.

You can find the Akita plush toy and the pouches, along with other dog-inspired items through YOU + MORE!’s online store.

By - Jen Laforteza.