Japanese Twitter user @TWmpPOHIU7tQAyS adopted an injured kittenon June 30th, 2021, and has been living with the kitten since then.

At the time of adoption, the cat had suffered a fracture in its leg due to a car accident. Even walking was a hard task for him back then.

Thanks to all the care @TWmpPOHIU7tQAyS provided, the injured cat made a full recovery in just 2 weeks.

He was named Kuro-chan” and has been surrounded by lots of love from the owner, the family, their family dog and senior cat.

However, he’s been apparently a bit of a trouble maker these days and giving the owner headaches that can be unique to Japanese homes.

Here’s how!

Despite his cute, innocent looks in the photo, he actually managed to tear through the shoji (traditional Japanese sliding door). From not being able to even walk properly at the time of adoption, to penetrating shoji doors of the height of 150cm, it seems that he’s made a full-on miraculous recovery!

It is so wonderful that he is fully recovered, but the damage to the shoji door he creates is definitely a problem. In the Twitter post, Kuro chan’s owner wrote “It’s just because he’s only a kitten, right? This is the same with everyone out there, right??” as if to excuse Kuro-chan’s uncontrollable playful habit.

Many cat owners in Japan also responded to this post with great empathy; “YES, absolutely! He’s just being a cat and there’s nothing we can do about it!” According to replies, many have even lost all the paper installed on the shoji doors in their entire house!

Incidents like this must be a package deal to have a cat in a house with shoji doors--although as Kuro-chan grows bigger, he’ll be able to take out even higher panels!

By - Mugi.