Freshly cooked potato chips at Calbee Plus, new flavor now available! “Suji Aonori (seaweed)” from Yoshinogawa, Tokushima prefecture

Calbee Plus is an antenna store for Japanese snack and potato chip maker Calbee, focusing on providing in-house, freshly made potato chips to customers. and all the cooking process is done in the store such as peeling, taking green buds out, slicing, and frying the chips.

Suji Nori seaweed from Tokushima prefecture is known to be one of the most flavorful varieties, and now Calbee is delivering it in crispy potato chip from with their new flavors “Freshly Cooked Potato Chips Nori Mamire” and “Freshly Cooked Potato Chips Nori Mamire, Sesame Oil”, which are Calbee Plus versions of original Nori and Shio (salt) flavors with Suji Nori added to it, making it extra flavorful.

Suji Nori only grows in areas where freshwater and saltwater meet. Yoshino River in Tokushima prefecture has a great estuary, a perfect environment for Suji Nori to grow, producing over 70% of Suji Nori production in Japan, making it a local delicacy.

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The freshly sprinkled Suji Nori that coats the chips with a vibrant green color has an aroma that’s sure to tickle customers’ appetites the minute they enter the store.

”Freshly Cooked Potato Chips Nori Mamire, Sesame Oil” useds a flavorful sesame oil made with deep-roasted sesame seeds added to the Suji Nori flavored potato chips. The flavor resembles that of Korean style Nori seaweed. “Freshly cooked Potato chips Nori Mamire”.

“Freshly Cooked Potato Chips Nori Mamire” and “Freshly Cooked Potato Chips Nori Mamire, Sesame Oil” are priced at 310 yen and 330 yen, respectively.

Locations: Calbee Plus (Shin Chitose airport, Tokyo station, Ebina SA, LaLa port EXPOCITY, and Kobe Harbor land umie locations).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.