Source: @killah60

Parrot turns cardboard box into horror movie scene

What’s normal behavior for an animal can always be surprising to a human, even if they live together.

Japanese Twitter user Killah (@killah60) showed an example of that after recently showing an experience he had with his large pet parrot. When his feathered friend found a cardboard box to play with, the bird turned it into a scene from a horror movie:

Source: @killah60

Not quite the stare you expect when you tell your pet to look at the camera!

It seems that there are many people scared off with this intense stare!

“It’s quite an impactful stare… I felt fear.”

“If I saw this in the middle of the night in the dark, I won’t be able to sleep.”

“My heart almost stopped with fright.”

The bird must have seen Killah holding the camera towards it through the hole. An ordinary moment like this between the pet and the owner could look very interesting from the other’s perspective!

By - Mugi.