In January 2024, Tokyu Corporation and Itochu Property Development Co., Ltd. are planning to complete the construction of ドレッセタワー武蔵小杉 (Dresser Tower Musashi Kosugi), a seismically isolated high-rise condominium conveniently located at just a three-minute walk from Musashi-Kosugi Station on the Toyoko and Meguro Lines.

This is the first initiative in Japan to use 100% renewable energy in a high-rise condominium *. The property's website launched today, September 27th, 2021.

* As of September 27th, according to Tokyo Corporation's research.

The electricity for all units and common areas of the property will be procured from Next Power, the largest company in the Japanese electricity retail business derived from renewable energy sources, certified with a non-fossil fuel certificate issued by the government. The energy will be provided through a high-voltage bulk power receiving system and is effectively 100% renewable energy.

In addition to using electricity from solar power generation, the common areas will be equipped with storage batteries that can be used in case of emergencies. Moreover, in response to the spread of electric vehicles (EVs), several mechanical parking pallets compatible with EV cars will also be installed.

Under the concept of "living one step ahead," Dresser Tower Musashi Kosugi aims to provide housing that meets the needs of next-generation lifestyles by contributing to a carbon-free society, adapting to new ways of working and living, introducing digital technologies such as smart home systems, as well as disaster prevention measures.

The common facility on the third floor, the "ENGAWA Lounge," is a quiet space with a Japanese design motif. It's suitable for reading and other activities and has multiple private booths for teleworking. In addition, there will be a "Rooftop Lounge" with the theme of a "workplace in the sky" featuring a Wi-fi equipped workspace, a kids' space, and a cinema lounge with a large LED monitor. It will therefore provide a comfortable multi-purpose space that can be used in a variety of life situations.

In addition, the entrance and elevators will be equipped with a face recognition system that enables contact-free access, and the residential units will feature smart home technology allowing residents to operate home appliances from their smartphones while away from home. Finally, options will be available for changing the floor plans to accommodate changing lifestyles, including teleworking needs.

For more information, visit the property's website (Japanese only).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.