Kyoto’s long-established (since 1903) dashi broth specialty store Uneno has announced the release of a new industry-first gelée-type “Onabe ni pon (toss it into hotpot Kuro dashi Gelée” for the fall of 2021.

The new gelée-type dashi, which can simply be thrown into a hot pot to add loads of flavors, has three standout qualities according to Uneno.

Fail-safe recipes

Uneno’s dash is known to highlight and expand the flavors of existing ingredients. In recent years, there are many options for using dashi such as packaged dashi or concentrated dashi which makes upgraded cooking easier and more accessible. However, Uneno received feedback from customers that they are still at loss after adding dashi to their cooking, and unsure of what to do about the rest of the flavoring process.

Feedback on the new gelée style dashi has garnered many positive reviews however, with many saying the dashi requires no further seasoning and adds a sophisticated flavor to hot pots.

Uneno hopes customers can use the gelée as a simple dashi baseline flavor, and customize it to their liking.

Concentrating the long-established flavor used since the Meiji era.

Since 1903, Uneno has been making dashi and related items. Using the knowledge and experience of the last 100 years, they found a way to process their dashi into a gelée concentration without losing its original flavor. It is also good for a year before opening at room temperature.

Versatile use

Dashi has a very soft flavor and that’s what makes it a key component to cooking. It can be used in many recipes, and the mild flavor of dashi spreads through your mouth. One Kuro Dashi Gelee in each recipe is supposed to be able to take care of the whole flavoring process, making it perfect to use in hot pots, noodle and soup dishes, or rice.

Onabe ni Pon- Kuro Dashi Gelée

Amount: 65g x 3 packs (195g)

Price: 1,000 yen

Expiration: Good for 12 months

Ingredients: Broth, flavoring ingredients (soy sauce, salt, etc), gelatin only.

By - Mugi.