Once the summer is over and the weather cools down, many in Japan get excited for nabe (hot pot) season.

Daikon radishes are one of the key ingredients for most popular hot pot recipes in Japan. Aside from use in hot pot, they are very versatile and can be used for stews, salads, or pickles.

When picking a perfect daikon, naturally we go for a fresh and tasty looking one. However, Japanese Instagram user Sumi couldn’t resist buying this cute looking daikon she found at the supermarket.

According to Sumi, she couldn’t help but impulsively buy this cute daikon because it reminded her of a certain cartoon dog.

"Inu (dog)-kon… I mean, Daikon. "

"I couldn’t resist this funny, dog-looking daikon found at the Supermarket!"

"With the leaf-ear, it is definitely an Inu-kon! "

Holding it up in the photo to match with her Chihuahua’s legs behind it, those dangly leafy ears do actually make it look like Snoopy!

Freshly picked veggies from the farms are unique and can vary in shapes and sizes. Daikon especially have a reputation to grow in interesting ways, with some that grow out “legs” being referred to as “sexy” daikon in Japan.

If you’re browsing the daikon section at your supermarket, keep an eye out for these interesting shapes.

By - Mugi.