A kind and adorable gesture Japanese Twitter user Uni (@unikoooo_1105) found in the city of Enoshima is garnering a lot of attention on Twitter.

A parking lot car blocker in the city is decorated with a few tiny birds on top, and is named “Pikori-no”.

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When Uni stopped by the birds, it seemed that someone had been looking after them.

Take a look!

Source: @unikoooo_1105

Source: @unikoooo_1105

To protect them during the upcoming cold seasons of fall and winter, someone kindly knitted miniature winter clothing and hats for the birds!

This was photographed in Enoshima, Kanagawa prefecture. Apparently, there have been other costumes prepared for those birds in the past.

There were many positive comments replying to these heart-warming photos such as “It’s so sweet”, “So adorable” , “It’s like the Japanese story, Kasa Jizo.”

These had other people replying with other dressed car-blocker birds in their neighborhoods. It sounds like there are more kind-hearted people in other areas who are making clothes for the little birds, too.

Thanks to those good people, it looks like the birds will have a warm winter!

By - Mugi.