Adorable chinchilla Mou lives with his owner (@mou_1224 ) in Japan. Recently, Mou’s owner shared a video capturing a mundane everyday interaction between the two that many are finding hilarious.

One day, Mou was given a wooden washer to play with. Usually, Mou would be very happy to chew on the washer, but he was just not having it that day, and has a particularly dramatic way of showing that he’s not in the mood:

“Nope, no thank you!”

He took one little nibble, and then quickly tossed it on the side. The owner handed it to him again, but Mou tossed it on the side, again!

Apparently, Mou usually loves munching on the washer, but when he’s not in the mood, he’s more than happy to tell you about it.

The strong stare of Mou while tossing the washer shows you the level of his determination.

Many people found Mou’s reaction hysterical, and the video was spread very quickly with comments such as “this is hilarious” and “I wanna watch this on repeat.”

Because of Mou's cute behavior in this video, many people expressed interest in chinchillas and getting one of their own.

However, chinchillas can be a difficult animal to take care of due to the temperature regulation and other issues you’d have to manage to keep them healthy, so be sure to do proper research to be a responsible pet owner if you look into one...and maybe keep some wooden washers on hand.

By - Mugi.