It seems as though pet beds shaped like food are all the rage right now. We covered a cup noodle inspired dog bed, and a cat that sleeps on a pastry-shaped cushion, and even a realistic durian cat bed.

In this latest example, it looks like someone has taken the ‘dog’ part of hot dog seriously. This squishy looking pet bed is modelled on a hot dog, but of course there's no sausage included so the pet can take on that role.

Source: @mochishi_ba

The sausage in the middle of the hot dog does look quite snug between the soft bread sides, and so does this Shiba inu called Mochi. According to his owner, he loves this bed, and the many photos posted seem to back this up.

Source: @mochishi_ba

In picture after picture, you can see him sleeping peacefully.

Source: @mochishi_ba

The original post attracted over 10 thousand retweets and 34 thousand likes. Other Twitter users replied with comments like, ‘This is it. A true hot dog.’, and ‘I wish they’d put some red and yellow cloths over him’ (presumably to mimic ketchup and mustard).

If you want to see more super cute photos and videos of Mochi the Shiba inu, check out his owner’s Twitter page for more updates.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.