Famous dollmaker Pullip has impressed with their collaborations in the past, recently teaming up with Sanrio for Hello Kitty and My Melody inspired dolls. They’ll be teaming up with another cute mascot for a new lineup, this time with their new Care Bears x Pullip-Cheer Bear dolls.

Pullip’s popular fashion dolls feature a large head to body ratio that delivers a “deformed” kawaii aesthetic, and each of their dolls have moveable joints. Not only can they wink and make side-to-side eye movements, their limbs can be moved to make cute poses.

Care Bears x Pullip Cheer Bear version

Concept: “Holding hopes and happiness in my arms, I will make everybody happy! My cheer will spread to the world! … That’s my mood!”

The dolls use natural makeup for a warm impression, with freckles added to create more detailed character to the doll. Her coat is based on the signature Care Bear color, vivid pink. The buttons are colored in rainbow colors, also a trademark of Care Bears. Fur material is used on the collar and sleeves for decoration, and a cute tail stitched in the back to sync with the scarf that comes with the doll.

Underneath the coat, she has an adorable one-piece dress, decorated with laces and ribbons on. Care Bears, holding hearts and balloons are printed on the dress, too.

The Care Bear Pullip collaboration doll can be pre-ordered from the official online shop as well as Rakuten, starting October 6th.

By - Mugi.