Often hailed as "the cutest bird in Japan", the long-tailed tit, or shima enaga as it is known in Japanese, has cultivated quite the large fanbase online. Fortunately those starved for long-tailed tit content can rely on @daily_simaenaga, a Japanese Twitter account that posts daily content about the adorable bird.

Recently, @daily_simaenaga added some culinary creativity to their long-tailed tit content, crafting sushi and rice balls inspired by the bird. In particular, @daily_simaenaga has added some ruffian flavor to the bird rice balls and sushi by cleverly using ingredients to make them resemble yankii, rebellious delinquent youths often seen in Japanese school anime and dramas.

Using sushi toppings and nori seaweed, they recreate their signature hairdos and clothing!

@daily_simaenaga recently shared their latest entry in the delinquent long-tailed tit rice ball series using a popular rice ball topping/filling in children's bento lunch boxes--grilled sausages! As it turns out, wieners are a perfect way to recreate a yankii's signature pompadour, and the grill marks serve as the waves in their hair.

Yankii have a bit of an intimidating image in popular media, but most people probably can't help but marvel at how adorable these ones are--before eventually eating them, of course.

Be sure to follow @daily_simaenaga for all your long-tailed tit needs, as well as what seems to be a long-running series of rebellious rice balls.

By - Big Neko.