Many people haven't seen in person their family and friends who don't live near them for some time, since the pandemic began over a year ago, to be exact. While emails and video chats can help fill the gap, some residents seem to feel that a letter can add more of a personal touch. Particularly, letters and personal gifts may be appropriate for loved ones that haven't been visited since before the outbreak.

Along these lines, crafts made with special scented paints could be just the right way to say you care. Why not make a unique greeting that is not only visually appealing but something that smells good too.

Scented paints portray emotion visually and aromatically

Generally, paints have a peculiar chemical smell. However, "Kanogu" made by GRASSE TOKYO Co is a series of beautifully scented paints made from a mixture of essential oils and paint. The product line won the Excellence Award at the 2020 Japan Stationery Awards. Overall, there are nine colors available, each with its own unique scent:

  • Patchouli (green): An oriental, deep and heavy scent
  • Cedar wood (brown): A cypress-like soothing scent
  • Geranium (red): A scent reminiscent of roses
  • Ylang Ylang (yellow): A sweet, rich and gorgeous tropical scent
  • Black pepper (black): A spicy and stimulating scent
  • Orange (orange color): A refreshing orange scent
  • Lavender (purple): A gentle and pleasant floral scent
  • Juniper berry (blue): A woody scent like being in the forest
  • Eucalyptus (white): A refreshing scent

The tube-type scented paints can be purchased individually, or as a complete set of nine! Paints are also available in bottles as opposed to tubes.

Aromatic Postcards

While the idea of scented paints likely appeals to many, some less-artistically inclined consumers may feel they lack the ability to make an impactful painting. Fortunately, GRASSE TOKYO also sells “Kanogu” postcards which are made exclusively with the scented ingredients.

The exciting thing about these scented ingredients is that the fragrance changes as you mix the colors. Even after arriving, these postcards emit a pleasing scent that lasts for several days.

Miffy letter set

Maruai Co. will release a new item featuring the popular Miffy on September 30, 2021. At the end of this letter, you can write an illustration with the scented paint or include a scented design on the envelope before posting it. Indeed, using "Kanogu" scented paints on the Miffy cards is the perfect way to deliver an outstanding message to family and friends.

Unsurprisingly, the Miffy letter product line and "Kanogu" pait set can be mixed to match anyone’s lifestyle. As such, the cards and paints are popular with children as well as adults.

  • A5 stationery: Lined stationery with a gorgeous pattern on the back.

  • Die-cut letter set: The charming Miffy-shaped stationery is fantastic. Different outfit desigsn match the color of each envelope.

There are many other types, so if you are interested, please check each one out. As you’ll see, the pale color of this letter set matches the gentle color of the paint. Enjoy!

By - Luke Mahoney.