The Masked Singer is a popular show that features fantastic live performances of big stars without revealing their faces.

The performers have to wear a mask during the competition, and the judges and audience get to decide who advances on the next stage just by hearing their voices and watching the performances. What makes it unique (besides the vibrant costumes and masks) is that the celebrities are not necessarily singers and can be from any field, including theater actors, kabuki actors, sports, modeling, and even comedy talents or writers!

The host of the Japanese series is Mr. Yō Ōizumi 大泉洋, a famous Japanese actor, TV talent, and voice actor, originally from the Hokkaido Prefecture. The judges of the show are: Miyavi, Perfume, Mizuhara Kiko, and every episode, a new Japanese comedian participates. For example, the comedian Bakarhythm (バカリズム bakarizumu), was the guest judge in the first episodes, followed by comedian and actor Kazuya Kojima 児嶋一哉, and so on.

The audience and judges try to guess who is hiding behind the mask while looking at the hard-to-figure-out hints given in the introduction videos of the masked singers before they start singing.

The Masked Singer Japan is now available on Amazon Prime Video, and you can expect euphonious voices, fun judges, lots of surprises, and fabulous costumes and performances!

My favorite is the Bird competitor, and I have already guessed who is behind the mask as I have been a fan since Junior High School. Now, I wonder how many of you can figure out their identity.

If you are watching or decide to watch the show, let us know who is your favorite, who you’d like to see in the finals, and if you’ve already guessed, who is behind the mask. The show airs every Friday evening, so don’t miss it!

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