This autumn, a couple of well-known restaurants from all over Hokkaido have gathered in Tokyo’s Ariake Garden store for the Autumn Delicious Hokkaido Campaign. The event focuses on Hokkaido’s cuisine and the northern prefecture’s delicious ingredients and products.

Fans of Hokkaido Prefecture’s delicacies will now be able to enjoy a selection of exquisite products, including the following:

Shihoro Beef しほろ牛 products

Visitors can opt for a flavorful and juicy hamburger, delicious Shihoro corned beef to top your rice or savory Shihoro beef sausages.

You can also buy North Continent Hamburger Seasoning or a special seasoning sauce to make fried rice flavored with the soul food of the gourmet kingdom, Zangi Curry!

There will be more products available in the Hokkaido gourmet collection starting from October so remember to check out the store if you are nearby, or their official website.

For me, Hokkaido is a paradise of exquisite food, and I usually visit the prefecture a couple of times per year and get back to Kanto with a suitcase packed with Hokkaido products. With the current situation, however, it has been around two years since I last visited...

Many products from Hokkaido are not available anywhere else. Therefore, having such a store like the one in Ariake Garden so close to me feels like a blessing. Whenever I crave delicious dishes from the food paradise of Hokkaido, I can go and grab some.

I wholeheartedly recommend the store to all of you who feel the same as I do when it comes to food delights, limited-edition, or seasonal products, or just want to try something new and delicious.

You can also see more information about the products or purchase them online here.



By - cinnamonellie.