GODIVA Café Nihonbashi had its grand opening on September 24th. The café is located in a building directly connected to the Nihonbashi subway station, making it very easy to access.

Its inaugural seasonal menu includes many delicious beverages that go perfectly with the cozy autumn days.

Here are some of their fall selection drinks:

Godiva Cacao Mont Blanc Iced Latte (880 JPY)

This iced latte drink, mixed with dark chocolate and plenty of Mont Blanc cream, has a slightly bitter taste and gives the impression of a luxurious dessert rather than a beverage.

Godiva Cacao Hazelnut Hot Chocolate (680 JPY)

On the other hand, the hot cacao hazelnut chocolate drink is a hot chocolate that will warm up your soul this season. The hazelnut sauce and Godiva’s cacao drink make the perfect combination. Topped with plenty of whipped cream and crispy mini pies, it looks and surely tastes delicious.

※ Both of these decadent, chocolatey drinks will be available from October 1st, 2021.

Other menu options

You can also opt for Cacao Milk (hot/iced: 640 JPY), Cacao Espresso (hot only: 530 JPY), Cacao Earl Grey (hot & milk chocolate: 660 JPY), Cacao Soda (iced & milk chocolate: 570 JPY), Cacao Fruit Soda (570 JPY), or Cacao Café Latte (hot/iced: 660 JPY).

※ All prices include tax.

In addition to the Cacao Earl Grey and Cacao Soda, you can choose between either dark chocolate or milk chocolate for your cocoa drink.

The store also has an original blended coffee and a wide selection of teas, sodas, and the popular Chocolixir. Furthermore, all customers ordering coffee or tea will receive a complimentary piece of Godiva chocolate.

For those who want to have something with their coffee, the café also offers a couple of food and desserts options, such as sandwiches, bread, maritozzo, cream puffs, cakes, etc.

The café also looks stylish and has a modern-looking interior, but the atmosphere is pretty comfortable and relaxing.

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