Sometimes animals act more human-like than we think, and one clip shared on TikTok has resonated with Japanese viewers who have likened it to their own family life.

This TikTok user owns four dogs, a family of Shiba inu. There’s a mother and a father with two sons, which leads to some interesting dog family dynamics on display. The owner was lucky enough to catch one scene on camera, which reminded many viewers of their own family.

The two dogs occupying the sofa are the parents of the dog family, and one of the sons comes over playfully, disturbing the dad who was lying down. As the dad barks in anger, suddenly starting a shouting match with the son, the owner couldn’t help but notice the mum dog’s instant reaction.



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As the owner puts it, the mum instantly ‘locks on’ to the dad shibe with her gaze. He tries to continue the barking match, but he keeps glancing nervously to the side and buckling under the pressure of the mum’s stare. Eventually, he backs down and the sons just play fight amongst themselves.

Commenters were amazed with the mum dog’s fast reaction, and how with just a look, she could put pressure on the dad dog to back down. One person noted that she seems to be saying, ‘how childish, don’t lose your temper over something like that.’ Another wrote, ‘he backed down because of pressure from mum’.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.