Wrist Mist is a sanitizer spray device you wear like a watch strapped onto your wrist. It's almost like being Spiderman, except you don't shoot sticky web but something much more useful, especially during a pandemic!

Anytime you need to disinfect your hands, sanitizer spray is available immediately. You can also aim the spray to sanitize doorknobs and any other surface you need to touch. (Patent pending).

You can fill the tank with any commercially available alcohol, then spray it on your palms whenever and wherever you feel like it.



To prevent fatigue even after wearing it for a long time, the shape and materials were carefully designed to be thoroughly light, using a material with outstanding strength called "polycarbonate." At only 20 grams, it's as light as two mushrooms!

Color variations

The following five types are available:

  • Black (body) and black (belt)
  • Transparent (body) and black (belt)
  • Transparent (body) and blue (belt)
  • Transparent × (belt) Blue and Transparent × (belt) Pink
  • Transparent (body) and yellow (belt)


Wrist Mist can be used in a countless number of situations. For example:

Restaurant and Customer-Facing Services

For senior citizens

Nursing and care workers

Medical professionals / frontline workers

Educational facilities

For more details and to purchase yours, visit the Wrist Mist store here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.