Note: The product has currently been recalled and sales suspended until October 14, due to a call for it to be rebranded accurately as an actual beverage.

In Japan, you’ll often see “drinkable” versions of food that isn’t actually a drink, such as curry or cheesecake.

Although the original food isn’t drinkable, the “____ is a drink!” slogan is definitely an eyecatcher.

Well, now there’s a new “drinkable” sweet released by M.G.K that has many in Japan excited, and it’s name says it all:

“Whipped cream is a drink.”

It is definitely a more drinkable base than some others, but it’s still quite the surprise.

Those with a sweet tooth have probably at one time or another thought “I just want to drink the whole thing of whipped cream in pastry bag”, and that appears to be the appeal of the new canned dessert.

On September 6th 2021, “Whipped cream is a drink” was released from “Hawaii KA’U Coffee”.

It is definitely a dream-come-true for all those with sweet-tooths where you can “drink” rich whipped cream.

As of September 2021, there are two flavors for you to choose from.

“KA’U Coffee” is flavored with real premium coffee from Hawaii.

And of course, a standard flavor of plain true whipped cream purists. This one came directly from the customers’ suggestions whose wish was to enjoy the simple flavor of whipped cream.

If you pour it out, you can see it is very much like a direct serving of whipped cream (although it’s made from 14 % milk fat cream.

It’s so thick that it will be hard to drink directly from the can.

The drink also comes with a special heart-shaped straw generally used for bubble tea, with a large outlet for tapioca.

Ever since its debut, the drink has gained viral popularity over the internet that orders have been non-stop and backlogged from all the whipped-cream lovers in Japan!

This was a huge hit among sweets fans, with many comments on social media praising the cream:

“This is the best sweet ever!!”

“Never have I thought a day I could drink “whipped cream” would come… What a great time we live in. “

“Looks amazing! I wonder if I can use it as a pancake topping.”

According to many reviews, it has a light aftertaste despite its heavy appearance.

If you love your sweets, take this opportunity to drink up a whipped cream!

“Whipped cream is a drink”

Amount: 105 g (330ml can)

Price: 330ml x 4 cans - 3,456 yen

Online purchase only

By - Mugi.