As many hamster lovers know, the adorable little furballs can be very particular about their favorite foods, leading to some zealous eating and hilarious reactions when it's taken away. Their seemingly bottomless puffy cheeks and appetite also make for some truly "photogenic" moments.

Japanese Twitter user @senpai_hamu knows that very well, and recently shared a photo of one of their three hamsters that illustrates it perfectly. It seems that one of @senpai_hamu's hamsters was feeling particularly greedy, and stuffed the treats intended for the other two hamsters in his mouth.

His reaction when caught red-cheeked says it all:

Source: @senpai_hamu

"He took treats laid out for three hamsters by himself."

The hamster's cheeks are filled to the brim with the spoils he stole from his hamster brethren, and they're balloon state actually makes it look like the little guy is wearing a proud smile and saying "Yeah that's right, I did it!"

Which, we suppose, he can say because you can't get angry with a face like that!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.