On the night of October 7, 2021, a strong earthquake struck the Tokyo metropolitan area with a magnitude of 5.9. It was the strongest quake to hit Tokyo since the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster in 2011.

On social media, many people posted reports of damage at their homes, such as furniture falling over and various collections they had displayed falling down.

Twitter user TanakaWaitee (@TanakaYT_) was one of those who suffered damage from the strong tremor.

But when he posted the details on Twitter, many people laughed at him for some reason. If you're wondering why so many people could find humor in this situation, take a look at the actual scene in his apartment:

"Because of the earthquake, all my bananas dropped lol"

Image used with permission from TanakaWaitee (@TanakaYT_)

The earthquake startled the bananas so much that they jumped out of their skins!

All that was left hanging was a few peels and the stems. The strong tremors had caused all the edible parts to drop onto the kitchen counter.

Many people responded to the "catastrophe" on Twitter with comments like:

  • "What terrible damage... I can't help but laugh at this."
  • "To begin with, the way he stored his bananas was so surreal that it made me burst out laughing."
  • "I laughed, and I felt relieved! It was just such a bunch of bananas!"

From the point of view of TanakaWaitee, who was looking forward to eating those bananas, this tremor may have caused a great deal of damage...

However, it seems that many people were able to calm their anxious hearts after the earthquake by looking at this post!

On a more serious note, it's always a good idea to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster. For more information, please review the Tokyo Disaster Prevention Information Website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.