Japan's PLUS Stationery had many looking forward to making mistakes, for once, when they released a special Mt. Fuji edition version of their "Air-in" range of erasers. The fun-to-use erasers look fairly standard at first, but as you use them, they wear down revealing your very own personal snow-capped Mt. Fuji.

Now with fall and all the vivid colors it brings in full in swing, PLUS Stationery has decided to follow up on their clever and popular eraser version of Japan's iconic mountain with a new fall version of the release that celebrates the image of Mt. Fuji in autumn colors.

Like the previous Mt. Fuji erasers, the new fall version uses a two layer structure and a durable curved top that gradually reveals Mt. Fuji topped with snow. However, this time they come in a bright orange color inspired by momiji, or Japanese maple leaves, to add some fall flavor to the majestic mountain.

The erasers are fastened by a gold-stamped band that comes in six different designs based on koyo (紅葉), the colorful fall leaves of Japan.

The transforming fall Mt. Fuji erasers are available (beginning October 13th) from stationery stores around Japan, as well as for online order on Amazon and Rakuten as well.

By - Big Neko.