Calbee's Jagariko is one of Japan's most popular snacks. The crunchy potato sticks come in a wide variety of flavors including salad, butter, and soy sauce, and come in a small but convenient cup-like package.

For Kyu-chan, the beloved 3-year-old shiba inu of Japanese Twitter user Kyukyu (@gBETQs4FK71tz68), however, the best of Jagariko's flavors is cheese. Kyu-chan is a giant fan of (dog-friendly) cheeses, even the smell, and when she stumbled upon an empty box of cheese Jagariko, she had to leap into it snout first!

While there's no cheesy Jagariko crumbs left in the box, Kyu-chan is absolutely smitten with the leftover aroma of her favorite food. The small cup-like package is also a perfect fit for her shiba snout, making for an adorable scene of Kyu-chan taking a hit of her favorite smell.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.