As any pet owner will tell you, a trip to the vet with your furry companion always has great potential to turn into some sort of story. While there's nothing funny about any stress or long-term trauma, cats and dogs can sometimes put on some adorably dramatic performances when they realize they've been taken to a veterinarian's office.

Japanese Twitter user and owner of American Curl Okome-chan @potechi_nikki recently shared some evidence of how expressive a cat can be when dealing with a checkup. Okome-chan had somewhat of a mysterious before-and-after vet transformation, highlighted by the moment when she realized her car trip was to the vet.

Source: @potechi_nikki

Okome-chan's hilarious expression is straight out of a manga, but what makes it even funnier is how misleading it is. Despite how shocked and even horrified she looks, it turns out that Okome-chan is a giant fan of her vet, and the moment she got on the examination table, began purring and pleading for rubs.

The before and after reaction (particularly the after portion) received a lot of comments from cat owners who have gone through the same experience. As it turns out, perhaps Okome-chan's shocked expression was actually out of pure delight.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.