Traditional Japanese sweets aren’t just known for their taste, but also their gorgeous presentation, which helps set ‘wagashi’ apart from the candy of other countries.

Of all the pretty wagashi available, one type which seems to be trending for autumn is kohakuto. Its name can be translated as ‘amber sugar’, and it’s made from Agar Agar (‘kanten’ in Japanese) with a chewy inside and crunchy outer layer. It has been called ‘crystal candy’ or ‘candy gems’ by English speakers due to its resemblance to precious stones and jewels.

The confectioners at Tsuruya Yoshinobu, a Kyoto wagashi specialists which was founded in 1803, have came up with the perfect autumn kohakuto for the season, which will be sold in their concept shop called Irodori.

The ‘Momiji Kohakuto’ is named after the Japanese tradition of autumn leaf viewing, and this limited-time-only product is awash with fall hues and shaped like leaves.

Each distinct colour has a different flavour assigned to it, and all the flavours are inspired by various teas. There’s hojicha (roasted green tea), apple tea, Earl Grey, darjeeling and matcha (powdered green tea).

These pretty sweets also come in sleek, modern-looking packaging, making them a perfect gift. A pack of twelve will set you back 1296 yen, and they will be sold from 16th October until 30th November.

Irodori is located in Kyoto station. There's also two branches of Tsuruya Yoshinobu that will be stocking them, namely the stores located in Toronomon Hills and Shibuya Hikarie shopping mall.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.