If the flavours on hand this autumn are just too much to take in, and you’re unsure on whether you should be pigging out on chestnut montblanc cakes, pumpkin spiced lattes or fruitilicious strawberries then worry not, as stylish grocery store brand DEAN & DELUCA has put together the perfect concoction of seasonal things into one single drink.

This ultimate autumn-themed beverage (can I coin the word aut-imate here?) is bursting with flavour, and goes to show that just a little bit extra, can go a long way.

The drink comes with a little bit of something for everyone, whether you like the bitter notes of coffee, the rich flavours of chestnuts or the tartness of autumnal strawberries, the DEAN & DELUCA’s Autumn Harvest Latte has got it all.

The season-limited latte is made by combining the very best of autumn’s harvest with bittersweet espresso. Chestnuts, hazelnuts and chocolate have been blended down into a paste that is then divided with the espresso.
And for a drink that already has everything, why not go overboard with toppings of pumpkin sauce and strawberry syrup? These not only add a touch of sugar and spice to this already sweet drink, but also create a casually colourful image that fits perfectly alongside the Halloween month.

The paste used to combine the autumnal flavours with coffee, is inspired by Italian ‘Gianduja’, a spread made from roasted nuts and chocolate, most commonly associated with the chocolate spread Nutella. The addition of chestnut cream to the mixture makes for a sweet, silky and fragrant gianduja, which, when combined with espresso and milk creates a drink bursting with rich autumn-themed flavours.

The drink is available until the end of October, and can be purchased in two sizes.

Small – 572 yen (tax included)
Medium – 626 yen (tax included)

In addition to their October-limited Autumn Harvest Latte, DEAN & DELUCA has released a mixed juice smoothie with a focus on this season’s fruity treasure – Kyoho grapes.

The drink combines plenty of Kyoho grapes with peach, pomegranate and banana into one cup full of healthy and delicious autumnal goodness.

DEAN & DELUCA’s Kyoho Mixed Juice Smoothie is season-limited and is available in one size only.

Small – 583 yen (tax included)

Both drinks are available for both drink-in and take-out now from all DEAN & DELUCA stores and stands nationwide. The Autumn Harvest Latte will be available until 31st October 2021, and the Kyoho Mixed Juice Smoothie until stocks run out.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.