The Alley, a trendy Taiwanese bubble tea chain, is instantly recognisable by its signature deer logo, and has been super popular since it opened its doors in Japan a few years ago.

The bulk of their bubble tea menu is made up of permanent items such as their staple ‘Bonsai’ or ‘Aurora’ series. But from time to time they delve into the world of seasonal beverages, and for Halloween this year, they’ve come up with a ghostly treat, perfect for this creepy time of year.

The ‘Dark Night Black Smoothie’ is inspired by the idea of walking through a haunted forest in the dead of night. It’s a banana cocoa smoothie with rich-tasting Assam tea. There’s a biscuit ‘grave’ which is sticking up out of the ‘dirt’ chocolate topping, and the beverage even comes with a cute ghost charm on the straw to put you in the Halloween mood.

The iced drink only comes in medium size and will set spook-loving bubble tea fans back 788 yen. It will be on sale from 12th until 31st October 2021. The Alley has branches all over Japan, and the full shop list can be found on The Alley's Japanese website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.